How to Unlock WinRAR Password When You Forgot WinRAR Password

unlock winrar passwordI forgot WinRAR password, I didn’t know what to do.” I usually see these posts in forum. Today’s topic is about how to unlock WinRAR password. First, let’s read 2 posts.

Post A: How to unlock the password of .rar file?

I have downloaded a *.rar file but unfortunately it is locked. However, the file’s name looks as if it was the password, so I entered this sequence of characters and digits but it didn’t work. So anybody can help you unlock the password or just crack the file without knowing the password?

Post B: How to find forgotten *.rar password?

On my laptop I compressed a pretty large file into WinRAR file. I couldn’t remember if I put a password on it or I did but I got no clues about this password at all. However when I tried to decompress it earlier today it said that I needed a password. I just wanted to know, is there any program or anyway of find out the password even just getting me in somehow?

After reading over the above 2 posts, what are you thinking about? You might be thinking about the ways to troubleshoot the problem if you were in that situation I guess. Things may get a little bit complicated since you cannot get the forgotten WinRAR password back in the way that you find your Email account password through an alternative Email address. Then, is it possible to unlock WinRAR password?

Here’s the solution to unlock the forgotten WinRAR password.

Yes, we can again unlock the lost or forgotten WinRAR password and even in a very easy way. That is using a credible third party software program like RAR Password Recovery tool to locate the password and open the encrypted file. RAR Password Recovery offers you 3 powerful attacks: Brute-force with Mask Attack, Brute-force Attack and Dictionary Attack to decrypt the lost password at alarming speed.

Here are all the steps about WinRAR password unlocker with RAR Password Recovery:

Step1: Download RAR Password Recovery, then install it on your computer.

Step2: Double click on RAR Password Recovery icon to launch it quickly.

Step3: Click the Open button on the top of RAR Password Recovery main windows to load your locked WinRAR archive.

Step4: Choose an attack type from 3 attacks and then define each attack setting. (Note: If you choose Brute-force Attack, then the program will automatically search the password for you after having a click on Start button, no need of character sets setting.)

Step5: Click Start button. After you finish the steps above mentioned, RAR Password Recovery start to unlock the password of your WinRAR archive. Within minutes, you will unlock your forgotten WinRAR password from a box.

Tip: Another way of unlocking the unknown WinRAR password for an archive which was downloaded from the Internet is to ask for the Webmaster who allowed you to download that file. This probably will enhance the chance of getting forgotten WinRAR password.

If you have any other suggestion, please inform us. Your recommendation will be highly welcomed.

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  1. Barang says:

    Some files in RAR cannot be opened. Why? How to deal with this problem? I need you help. Can you please show me an easy way to get password. I try with the Advanced RAR Password already but it helps me nothing.

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