Remove Zip Password with 3 Steps

You received a RAR file from someone who forgot to tell you the password or you don’t have a very good memory, and now you were just about to extract file from a password protected WinZip archive. Seeing a window popping out with “Enter password for the encrypted file in archive ***.zip” really makes one feel depressed. Then how to remove Zip password, and gain access to the encrypted archive?

Actually, it could be pretty easy if you know how to seek help from software tools. Zip Password Remover is the software you need in this situation. It works efficiently and has long been a good choice for tremendous users.

Only three steps to remove Zip password. Let’s see how Zip Password Remover works.

Step 1.  Choose and Import Target File to Zip Password Remover

This requires you to press “Open” button on the right of the main interface, and then choose your target file from the destination folder.

Step 2.  Select and Define Attack Type

All together, Zip Password Remover provides you with three types of attacks: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. Each works perfectly in removing your password. However they work a little differently in removing password, you should choose the attack type according to what you can remember about the lost password.

Brute-force Attack tries every possible combination randomly, which requires relatively longer time. No need to set for Brute-force Attack.

For Brute-force with Mask Attack you need to set “Password Length” and “Character Set”, which will improve the speed of removing Zip password in a certain degree.

If you choose Dictionary Attack, for the reference of the program, you need to set up a text file that contains all the possible passwords you might think of.

Step 3.  Start the Program

You are just one step away from removing Zip password. Click “Start” button and leave all the rest to the program.

After seeing how the program works, do you agree with me that Zip Password Remover is very useful in removing Zip password? Keep it in your computer in case you need it in the future. Next time you need to remove Zip password, just watch this removing Zip password guide.

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