How to Recover Password for ZIP Files

For the purpose of easy transportation or emailing, many people compress files or documents to a ZIP file, which would make the size of the files smaller. While, the side effects of this may be that you have no access to any of the files or documents once losing the ZIP password.

In this case, I give you a way to recover your ZIP password. I learnt it from a friend who is kind of a computer geek. He introduced a software tool named ZIP Password Recovery, a professional tool designed for ZIP password recovery, which is very easy to use and efficient in recovery ZIP password.

Now follow me to see how the magic software manages to recover ZIP password.

Step1. After download and installation press “Open” on the main interface to select and import ZIP file to the program. You are allowed to import one file at a time.

Step2. Select an attack option and then define the option for each attack.

Note: The options of attacks are Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, and Dictionary Attack, which all manage to recover ZIP file password successfully. But you should know that the three attacks work differently. Try Dictionary Attack if you cannot remember clearly which password you used in the RAR file. Make sure that you put your frequently used passwords in a text file so as to give some reference to the program. The “Brute-force with Mask” attack works well if you still remember some of your password, for instance, length of the password. But if you cannot think of anything about the password you could try “Brute-force” attack, and leave the rest to the program, which takes relatively longer time.

Step3. After all these are done, you start the decryption process. And the ZIP password you’ve been thinking about would be displayed on the popup window of the program.

Now that you have the ZIP Password Recovery, I am sure you will never be afraid of losing ZIP password, because you can feel free to use it to recover ZIP password at anytime. What’s cool about this program is that you are allowed to use the program as many times as you want as long as you purchased and get the registration code.

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