Recover RAR Password with Brute-force Approach

recover lost passwordAlmost every computer user around the world has suffered the problem of RAR password once a time. There are many times when you open your encrypted RAR file or when you try to access to the RAR file you download from internet, it prompts “Enter password for the encrypted file”. At this time if you don’t know the password then you will lose access to the file. In this situation, is there any chance to recover RAR password?

Very little chance of recovering RAR password by guessing or remembering

  1. If you download an encrypted RAR file from internet, indeed you might get its password by guessing according to the website name, or write to the one who published the file. However, you would get very little chance of getting the exact password.
  2. If you assigned the password for the RAR file by yourself and now you forgot it. Trying to recover the password by remembering hard in some situations might work. However, not every time you are that lucky.

100% possible to recover forgotten or unknown RAR password with brute-force approach

Using advanced brute-force algorithm to crack encrypted RAR password has been quite popular nowadays. Many professional tools have achieved the use of such technology to successfully recover lost RAR passwordeven unknown RAR password. I’ve searched Google for “hack password protected RAR file program” .

How does the brute-force approach—using RAR Password Recovery work?

It works by using dictionary attack, brute-force attack or brute-force with mask attack. Below are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download, install and launch RAR Password Recovery.
  2. Load the target RAR file.
  3. Select one type of attacks you want to launch. i.e. choosing brute-force with mask attack.
  4. Define the character sets and password length. (If possible)
  5. Click on “Start”.
  6. You are done and your encrypted RAR password will be shown in a box.

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Forgot RAR password? Don't know to reset RAR file password? That's Ok, I will share my ideas about recovering or removing RAR password with you.
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2 Responses to Recover RAR Password with Brute-force Approach

  1. david says:

    I am using the method you described but the application kept on running and never display any password. How long does it take to get the password on the screen? I am using the brute force

    • Andy says:

      Can you remember some symbol? For example: The password begin with “p”, end with “d”, it may no longer than 7 bytes. Than it shoulde be “p*****d”.

      These symbol will speed up your password recovery.

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