How to Open Encrypted RAR File without a Password?

open password protected rarDear all:
I have a problem here and am hoping someone can give me some ideas on how to go about getting what I need.
I have downloaded a WinRAR file containing more than 15 Tamil eBooks from internet. But I couldn’t extract the files as it is password protected. Is it possible for me to open password protected RAR file without knowing its password?
Thanks for any input!!!

This is a post I caught in a forum some days ago. I find that the ways to open encrypted RAR file are certain to be useful for people who download RAR files from internet. Therefore, here I’d like to share some little tricks with you all.

First try to find out the RAR password by guessing.

You might think this is silly. You are wrong then. In many cases, you might find out the RAR password as you download your file from a website and most probably the name of the website will be the password.

So, before you try other feasible ways to extract a password protected RAR file, remember to use this way to find out the RAR password. If you failed, then get a RAR password recovery tool to open password protected RAR without password.

Better get RAR Password Recovery.

RAR Password Recovery is the most influential software application to crack forgotten, lost and unknown RAR password. You can totally trust it as it can offer you a safe, quick and easy RAR password recovery. You just need to do several clicks, because this program can almost do all the left tasks for you automatically.

After download and install RAR Password Recovery on your computer, launch it. Then give a first click on “Open” to load the target RAR file. Next a second click on selecting one brute-force attack among Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack and Dictionary Attack. In the end, a simple click on “Start” to initiate RAR password recovery.

Within seconds or minutes (it depends on how long or complicated the password is.), you will get the exact password. At that time, you can successfully open password protected RAR file without password!

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3 Responses to How to Open Encrypted RAR File without a Password?

  1. allan says:

    thanx, i used the guessing thing n it worked, actually the password was the name of the download site

  2. Kiran says:

    Yes. You are absolutely right. Your first option has worked for me. :)

  3. jesper klein says:

    Nice post.

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