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How to Reset Windows Local Account or Domain Password with a Bootable CD/DVD/USB

Password Recovery Bundle fully supports on Windows Password Recovery, it can remove, reset and crack password for both Windows Local Account and Dmain with a bootable CD/DVD/USB.

Step1. Download and install Windows Password Recovery.

1. Download a free demo version of Windows Password Recovery (The free demo version lists all the user names, but doesn't reset the passwords)

2. Double-click on the downloaded file to install Windows Password Recovery. You can install it on any PC you have access to, not necessarily on a computer you wish to unlock.

3. The installation process is quick. Upon successful completion of the installation, an installation successful screen will be displayed. Enable the "Run Windows Password Recovery. " check-box and click the "Finish" button. Windows Password Recovery will be launched automatically.

Step 2. Burn windows password recovery to CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive

1. Choose the password recovery mode. Select "Reset Windows local account password".

import the office file

2. Choose what windows password reset device to burn. Insert a CD/DVD disk into the CD-ROM drive and specify the CD burning drive from the pull-down list of the CD/DVD options.

3. Click "Burn" button.

4. The burning successfully completed.

Step 3. Reset your Windows password

1 . Insert newly created CD/DVD and reboot your computer.
NOTE: To reboot your PC with a CD/DVD disk, it's necessary to change your computer's setting to make it boot from the CD/DVD. Click here to learn how to set BIOS to boot from the CD/DVD-ROM.

2. When the CD/DVD boots, you'll see Windows Password Recovery is initializing (see screenshot below). If so, go on with the next step. If the computer still boots from Windows, it's necessary to change BIOS boot sequence to boot it fromCD/DVD.

3. Select the user account whose password you want to reset.

4. Click "Reset" button to process.

5. Click "Yes" to confirm your action. Or click "No" to undo your selection.

6. In the end, a message box will appear as below, indicating Windows Password Recovery has successfully removed the password.