How to use Free WinRAR Password Recovery Tool for Windows and Mac OS

Many people are searching for a totally free .rar password recovery tool with great efforts, but found nothing. Here we’d like to share an open source and Free WinRAR Password Cracker named John the Ripper (JTR) with you.

Part I. How to Use Free RAR Password Recovery Tool for Windows

You need to install the rar and john the ripper tools so:
sudo apt-get install rar john
You also need a wordlist, the rockyou is a good start.

Here is the script:

#!/bin/bash echo “RAR-JTR Decrypt Script”; if [ $# -ne 2 ] then echo “Usage $0 <rarfile> <wordlist>”; exit; fi rar l $1 for i in $(john –wordlist=$2 –rules –stdout)  do echo -ne “\rtrying \”$i\” ”  rar e -o+ -inul -p$i $1 >/dev/null  STATUS=$? if [ $STATUS -eq 0 ]; then echo -e “\nArchive password is: \”$i\””  break fi done

And here is a sample run:

$ ./ lame2.rar lame.dic  RAR-JTR Decrypt Script RAR 3.93 Copyright (c) 1993-2010 Alexander Roshal 15 Mar 2010 Shareware version Type RAR -? for help Archive lame2.rar Name Size Packed Ratio Date Time Attr CRC Meth Ver
*lame.txt 46 48 104% 16-08-12 18:03 -rw-r–r– 37F47C80 m3b 2.9
1 46 48 104% words: 405 time: 0:00:00:00 100% w/s: 40500 current: Lamepassing trying “Lamepassed”  Archive password is: “Lamepassed”

Please note: John the Ripper is not for the beginner, and does NOT crack WPA. You must be able to use Terminal, there is no GUI.  If you are not good at coding, there is a rar password recovery tool (free downloaded) recommended.

Part II. Recover RAR Password for Mac OS

rar password recovery for mac

John the Ripper is a fast password cracker, currently available for many flavors of UNIX, Windows, DOS, BeOS, and OpenVMS. But for Mac OS, you have to purchase JTR Pro, which is not free.

Platforms Supported:

PowerPC and Intel Based Macintosh Computers running MacOS X.

Primary Use:

Testing the password security implemented on various computing platforms including MacOS X Tiger/Leopard/Lion. Very useful for professionals that provide penetration testing services.

Software Available:

A Macintosh computer with a G3 PowerPC, G4 PowerPC, G5 PowerPC or Intel processor or Windows system with a modern Intel processor is recommended for the best performance.

Please note: John the Ripper is not for the beginner, and does NOT crack WPA. You must be able to use Terminal, there is no GUI. If you wish to install from scratch, you’ll need Xcode.

Enjoy Free RAR Password Recovery Tool!

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