How to Hack RAR Password When You Forget or Don’t Know It?

rar password hakerHow to Hack RAR password? Please help!!! I’m in a serious situation!
It happened several days ago, when I bought this my new laptop and moved all my files from my old one. Some of my friends suggested me to pack things up and archive in .RAR format. At that time, I was thinking I should encrypt my RAR file with password. So, I did it. But a few days later, when I started to open the encrypted file, I failed to remember the password. Now I am not able to open it, but it is really important for me. Anyone who could help me hack my forgotten RAR password would be greatly appreciated.

Hack RAR archive password when you forget or don’t know it.

It is a commonplace occurrence for people to forget RAR password today. I am quite sure many of you may have encountered similar experience. Actually, to hack a forgotten RAR password is not that difficult.

Sensitive information and files can be stored in a password protected RAR file. If you have an encrypted RAR archive for which you forget or don’t know the password, there are a handful of tricks you can attempt. In this article, I will introduce you with RAR Password Recovery Professional—a trusted name in RAR password hacker. Now follow the instructions here to hack RAR password step by step.

Try a brute-force approach—RAR Password Recovery to hack RAR password file.

Step1. Upload the target RAR file.
After download the tool to your computer, install and launch it. Then in the main interface, click “Open” to import the target RAR file to RAR Password Recovery.
Step2. Choose a brute-force attack type.
On the “Recovery” tab, there are 3 attack types: Brute-force Attack, Brute-force with Mask Attack, Dictionary Attack. Choose any one of them and define each attack setting such as the Min/Max Length of the password, if there are letters, numbers, capital letters etc. included in the password and so on.
Step3. Start hack RAR password recovery.
Now simply click “Start” to initiate the tool. Within seconds or minutes, you will get the exact RAR password displayed in a box.

After getting the RAR password, you then can freely access to that encrypted RAR archive file.

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