How to Hack a ZIP File with Password

Zip files allow us to create password-protect confidential files and email attachments, which help to keep files completely secure with strong AES encryption. On the other hand, the strong encryption may also make it quite difficult for us to find the lost Zip password. In fact, it is next to impossible without the help of third party software.

Luckily, a computer geek who is crazy about all new software suggested me to try the Zip Password Hacker. It never failed to surprise me by hacking ZIP files with password for me accurately. Now please allow me share my experience of using the program with you.

Part1. Use Zip Password Hacker to Hack ZIP Files with Password

Step I. Download and install the Zip Password Hacker and then press “Open” to get the password-locked Zip file into the program.

Step II. Next you need to select the type of attack to hack the Zip password, and then set options for each attack respectively.

About the three attack types: Any of the three will help you crack password on Zip file, but they do work differently in the decryption process. Normally, we suggest that you try “Dictionary” attack which requires you list all your frequently used passwords and save them as a text file for reference. And it’s better if you try the “Brute-force with Mask” attack when you still remember some of your password, for instance, length of the password. But if you cannot think of anything about the password you could try “Brute-force” attack, and leave the program to do all the decryption process, which requires a relatively longer time.

For example, if you choose Dictionary Attack, you would get the items under “Dictionary” to be set. Below is a picture of the items.

Step III. Finally you press the “Start” button in the menu to run the program.

If all goes well, you will find your Zip password on the interface.

The program allows you to use it to hack as many passwords as you want, which I think is very cool. Should you find this program useful, don’t forget to share with your friends how you deal with password on Zip files.

Part 2. Tips on encrypting a Zip file with WinZip

To encrypt a Zip file, you can use either WinZip interface or Legacy menus/toolbar, which are all very easy. I will show you the steps of both methods in the following article.

WinZip interface

I. Check the “Encrypt” box in the “Home” tab

II. If you have not already done so, set your encryption level in the “Settings” tab

III. Create a new Zip file

IV.Enter a password when the “Encrypt” dialog displays

Legacy menus/toolbar

I. Open WinZip and create a new Zip file

II. In the “Add” dialog, check the “Encrypt added files” box

III. When the “Encrypt” dialog displays specify an Encryption method

IV. Enter a password and click “OK”

Now that WinZip has helped you create password-protect confidential files, you could be sure that your files are safe.

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