How to Find Lost Password for ZIP

Did you accidentally forget the password to an important Zip file? Have you ever been annoyed by losing ZIP password? Password protection is a great tool to have at your disposal, which undoubtedly increases privacy and security. However what are you supposed to do when you forget the password yourself?

Well in the past you would’ve been screwed, but these days there have been some significant improvements in technology and you are able to find the lost Zip password and regain access to your files very easily with the right tools. So to learn how to find the lost Zip passwords keep reading below as I will guide you through the process.

Let’s get started with the Zip Password Finder and find the lost Zip password together.

A.Select the Zip file whose password you want to find

After download and installation press “Open” on the interface of the program to select and import ZIP file to the program. You are allowed to import one file at a time.

B.       Select the attack option used for finding Zip password

To find the password for Zip file, you are required to first select the appropriate attack for the program. There are three types of attacks for you to use in the password finding process:

Brute-force Attack — This method will try all combinations of password, but require maximum time. Choose it when passwords are long and complicated.

Brute-force with Mask Attack — Use this attack when you still remember part of your password, say the approximate minimum and maximum length of the password.

Dictionary Attack — This attack is used by seeking for the password based on a built-in or self-created dictionary.

Remember that you still have the specific options for each attack to set after choosing the attack option for your selected attack, here we take Dictionary Attack for example.

As the picture shows, you have to “set Mutation count” and “Max password Length” of your lost password if you remember. It is also highly recommended that you set a text file containing your frequently used passwords for the reference of the program.

C.       Click “Start” to begin the decoding process.

Finally you could click “Start” on the bottom of the interface to let the program start finding the password. If all work well, you will be displayed your lost Zip password in a few minutes.

As far as I am concerned, using the Zip Password Finder to find lost password for Zip is the most efficient way. Besides, the user-friendly interface makes the program extremely easy to use. Next time you lost your Zip file password, feel free to use the Zip Password Finder.

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