An Efficient Way to Delete RAR Password

I am a project manager, dealing with plans constantly. One day I was just about to email my boss the plan of a new project when suddenly I realized that I had forgotten the password to the RAR archive! I felt that the sky was falling down, so depressed! The RAR archive contains the plan that I’ve been working for weeks! I have to say that I am a lucky dog. In the end I managed to delete RAR password, and deliver my plan to my boss.

Sounds pretty cool, right? Actually you could all be good at doing this as long as you have a secret tool called RAR Password Deleting software, a very easy-to-use and yet efficient software. I will detail my steps of using the software for you in the following paragraphs.

Part 1. Easily Delete RAR Password with RAR Password Unlocker

Step I. Download and install the RAR Password Deleting software and then press “Open” to import the password-protected RAR file.

Step II. Select one type of attack in recovering RAR password and set options.

The program provides you with three types of attacks, which are shown in the picture above. Here we take Brute force with Mask Attack for example: Please specify the settings of this attack by yourself according to the possible clues about the password you could recall of, which will shorten the decryption time. Such clues include password length, uppercase, lowercase, symbols, prefix, suffix, etc.

For Example, if you know that the lost RAR password contains 5 or 6 characters, which is composed of lowercase and numbers, then you can set the options like this:

1. Set Min Length = “5” and Max Length =”6″.

2. Check the a-z box, 0-9 box.

Step III. Click “Start” button in the menu to initiate the program.

With the password displayed in the pop-up window, you could get password for WinRAR archive.

Then go to WinRAR software, you can delete the password in WinRAR and then create a new archive file without a password.

Part 2. Tips for Encrypting Files with WinRAR

Just now we talked about how to delete password from a RAR file. What if you need password to protect your compressed files someday? Now I’d like to give you some tips about creating a password protected archive. I will use some simple and straightforward words to describe the process, and I’m sure you will be interested in this.

1. Install WinRAR on your computer.

2. Right click on file or folder that you want to compress, and then select “Add to archive…” from the menu. Select RAR as Archive format and with Best as compression Method( Takes lot of CPU power).

3. Go to “Advance” tab and click “Set Password”. Then uncheck “show password” and check “Encrypt file names.” Enter the password and verify password. Done!


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Forgot RAR password? Don't know to reset RAR file password? That's Ok, I will share my ideas about recovering or removing RAR password with you.
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