How to Crack an Encrypted WinRAR Archive without Password?

crack winrar passwordWinRAR, much like WinZip, compresses files and supports a wide array of file extensions such as *.zip and *.rar etc. When you create a file archive with WinRAR, you can create a password for the archive so that no one else can access your files without permission. WinRAR appears to be the best choice for data compression protection as its security features give it a distinct edge. However, as long as you think your protected WinRAR archive can go publicly or you just forgot or lost its password somehow, you then need to crack WinRAR password in order to get access.

How to crack WinRAR password?
To crack or remove WinRAR password when it is not forgotten yet is quite easy. Simply by clicking “Extract To” from the list of options on the selected encrypted WinRAR archive. Next entering the current password of the archive, then you will have successfully cracked the WinRAR password. But for the WinRAR whose password has already been lost or forgotten, one needs to pick up a professional RAR password recovery to crack it.

Selecting a third party RAR Password Recovery application
While selecting an app to crack a forgotten WinRAR password, please use RAR Password Recovery. This program makes use of strategies like “brute force” and others to search and locate your forgotten password. It works offline and can instantly recover your password by displaying it in a box front of you. So do trust it and don’t hesitate to free download it from this site:

Running RAR Password Recovery
After you download this powerful WinRAR password cracker tool onto your computer, you then can quickly run it. Follow the below steps and you will get back your lost WinRAR password in a second!

  1. Load the target RAR file.
  2. Select one type of attacks you want to launch. i.e. choosing brute-force with mask attack.
  3. Define the character sets and password length. (If possible)
  4. Click on “Start” to initiate RAR password recovery.
  5. You are done and your forgotten encrypted RAR password will be shown in a box.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you still remember some information of your WinRAR password, say appropriate password length, letter and number or symbol combinations etc, you are highly advised to select Brute-force with Mask Attack while performing RAR password recovery process.
  • The free download version of RAR Password Recovery can only display the RAR passwords which are no less than 3 characters. If the password you need to crack contains more than 3 characters, you will have to purchase the full version of RAR Password Recovery.

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